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We offer half-day and full-day workshops that help develop your team members soft skills and technical skills and equip them to thrive in the workplace. We review the priorities and industry factors that impact the strategy and performance of your business. With this in mind, we tailor the optimal solution to unlock the potential of your key leaders.

Feel free to choose from one of our signature workshops listed below, or talk with us about a topic which is specific to your current desired learning outcomes. We are also able to offer workshops in a condensed format as a breakfast seminar, if time outside of the office is not possible. Some of our clients find that presenting an option of a breakfast seminar series, where their leaders can choose from a selection of topics over say a six week period is preferable.

Some of the workshops we currently offer

The Dynamic Leader

This workshop introduces the notion of The Dynamic Leader and equips workers to be more flexible and engaging as leaders.

Effective Time Management

This is a highly interactive workshop which equips participants to effectively manage their time, and avoid feeling overloaded or overwhelmed.

Strategy for Managers

This workshop brings strategy into the focus of workers who are traditionally not involved in strategic conversations. This workshop is a highly effective tool for engaging the workforce in times of change, and training workers to think strategically at any level of the organisation.

Leader as Coach

This workshop equips leaders to transition from traditional command and control models of leadership to empowering your people to problem solve and make decisions in line with organisational strategy. This builds the capability of the leaders within the organisation to coach their staff on the fly, in a highly dynamic way.

The Feminine Leader

This highly interactive workshop is targeted at women wanting to take the next step in their career as an authentic leader. The workshop works with participants to formulate an individual strategy for how to leverage their personality to make them a more effective leader.

Having Difficult Conversations

This workshop equips workers with the skills to have the difficult conversations required without experiencing unnecessary discomfort or anxiety. This workshop further assists participants to remain effective communicators through times of perceived conflict.

Effective Communication

This full day workshop equips participants with a deeper understanding of how to communicate effective, strategies for maintaining effectiveness in difficult circumstances, and how to utilise different communication strategies for different audiences.

Building High Performance teams

This full day workshop equips participants with practical ways to immediately start building highly effective teams that are focused on outcomes, high performance and living their values.

What if Pigs Could Fly?

This full day workshop works with participants to suspend their disbelief to make room for innovation. So often innovation is a struggle because of preconceived beliefs of what is possible. This workshop teaches participants to innovate free from the constraints of possibility, and then work back to feasibility.

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