Identify and explore core values of your team to prepare them to become effective leaders of change


What 360 Feedback Assessment does

When a change in performance feedback is announced, anxiety and unease amongst employees traditionally increases. Right? Not anymore.

The secret to a successful 360 Degree Feedback Assessment is how it is introduced to the staff. That’s where we begin!

Before commencing any 360 Degree Feedback Assessment, we complete a “change readiness” assessment on your team. This important step ensures they are ready so your 360 Degree Feedback Assessment will enhance your company culture – rather than send it into meltdown.

Our experience ensures your 360 Degree Feedback Assessment becomes a positive, supportive process that enhances performance and culture. Your team will work better together, increase productivity and achieve your strategy.

The International Water Centre has enjoyed working with Iedex over the last five years. Iedex help us run 360-degree feedback processes as part of leadership development programs we run for water practitioners from around the world. We greatly value this relationship as we need a service provider who can set up a 360-degree feedback process quickly and run it smoothly, often within tight timeframes.”

– Dr André Taylor, Leadership Specialist, International Water Centre

Attracting and retaining talent

For businesses to stay competitive and relevant into the future, it is imperative that they have a well considered workforce strategy.

We work with businesses to craft unique and relevant workforce strategy which will ensure the business can attract and retain the exact talent it needs to be successful, now and well into the future.

Many strategies fail because they are not effectively implemented. To ensure you receive the best return on investment, we partner with organisations right through from strategy formulation to successful implementation. We find that providing that support through the implementation greatly increases the utility of the strategy overall and ensures the business remains competitive.

We work with organisations across all sectors to craft a tailored and targeted strategy, plan and implementation program to ensure success.

For other ways that we can support you with executing your strategy, check out our various options here.

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