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"I have used DLPA to undertake some 360 reviews for our senior leadership team and was impressed by not only the process and system but by Laurel who was extremely helpful in ensuring the reviews were fit for purpose and that relevant feedback and coaching were provided post review to the leadership team. I found out that the DLPA team were running a Dynamic Leader Program and I jumped at the opportunity to attend to see what the program was like with the thought of providing development opportunities to others in our business but realised that the program was just as important for me as it was for others.


We all need leadership development no matter how long we have been in the game and I was glad I attended. I came back as a better leader than before I attended. Since returning from this program, I have implemented my own personal mission and values statement along with a coat of arms that proudly sits on my wall in my office and is a talking point for other staff who come and see me. 


I also appreciated the fact that Laurel called me prior to the program to understand what my needs were in relation to this course. They weren't rigid in what they had to teach, rather they focused on what the needs of the group were which made for a much more engaging experience.


Karlie and Laurel were fantastic presenters and they complemented each other perfectly. They were the epitome of 'Dynamic'


I would definitely recommend DLPA to other organisations to ensure you are getting the best out of your people and leaders."

—  James Stone, Head of Human Resources, Console Group


HR Service Provider Awards 2019


DLPA was awarded the gold medal for Learning and Development in the 2019 HRD Service Provider Awards. 

These awards seek to honour the top performers in key service areas within the HR vendor landscape and we are proud to be recognised as a winner.

"Gold medal winner DLPA Pty Ltd stands out owing to its highly-tailored and customised sessions. It also runs public courses on generalised management training, dynamic leadership, and women in industry."

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Australian Construction Awards 2019

In conjunction with our partner Gartner Rose, DLPA proudly won the Women in Construction Award at the 2019 ACAs.


This award celebrates the outstanding contribution by any company, individual or project that is championing equality and driving change by paving the way for women in the construction industry.

Trainual Certified Consultant

DLPA's director and owner, Karlie Cremin, is now a Trainual certified consultant. 

Trainual is a renowned training and process management tool used by fast-growing companies to systematize their business, scale their processes, and empower their people. 


Karlie has worked as a professional consultant for more than 15 years, providing practical solutions for commercial issues such as business disputes, process design, business model design, financing options and cost structure.


As a certified consultant, Karlie can work with you to implement successful documentation and training strategies, execute business strategy, deliver outcomes, and help you make the most of your Trainual account.


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