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Our Leadership Development Program

DLPA is proud to offer numerous products and services which add significant value to our clients. Our training programs are delivered under our DLPA brand and we are able to offer our various data products through our 100% owned data company, Iedex

Performance Manager

We work with organisations to create fully productive, engaged and strategically aligned workforces. Our latest product, Performance Manager, is designed to assess and optimise employee performance and engagement, manage team/department objectives, and easily identify and evaluate productivity-related issues. With the help of our software, employees and managers can easily and efficiently build development plans for strategically focused performance objectives.

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360-Degree Feedback assessments are a critical component of the feedback loop in an organisation. Maintaining an open feedback loop in which people can easily give feedback is essential for increasing engagement in the work environment. 360 assessments allow workers to champion their colleagues and assist every team member to be the best they can be. We work with organisations to create fully productive, engaged and strategically aligned workforces.

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Unlock the power and potential of your people through surveys, which can be a wonderful tool to capture meaningful and evidence based data to inform your business decisions. The key challenge is ensuring data integrity which is critical to us at DLPA. Our servers are located in Australia, and we take privacy and security very seriously. mmmm

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The Competency Assessment Tool allows organisations to manage their competency footprint, identify gaps and allocate learning and development activities to close these gaps. You can use our built in competency framework, design your own, or have us design one tailored to your needs.

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In addition to our blogs, the team at DLPA have also written a number of publications. We have also recommended some other publications which we think are high value.

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We offer half day and full day workshops that help develop your team members soft skills and equip them to thrive in the workplace. These can take place in your own premises or off site. If time is critical, then we can arrange for workshops to be condensed into 90 minutes sessions and host them as breakfast, lunch or after work seminars.

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We offer a variety of solutions to support you to bring your strategy to life and positively impact the performance of your business. From workshop strategy and process architecture to change readiness assessments, DLPA can help you positively drive change and manage your risk, whilst ensuring a healthy return on investment.

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DLPA hosts a number of regular events and training programs, which cover management training, women in construction lunches, breakfast seminars and our exciting new program Vulnerable Women. Check out our upcoming events here.

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DLPA has produced a number of resources which we are happy for you to read and share. We cover a range of topics including values alignment, managing conflict, the economic case for diversity and why leadership programs fail.

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