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Are you looking to grow your practice or firm in 2019? Find out how you can licence or resell DLPA's products and not only generate revenue (without taking on any additional resources) but also increase the value you provide to your clients

Why should you partner with DLPA?

The Professional Services industry is rapidly changing. Stay ahead of the curve by licensing or reselling our suite of HR & Safety Products to your clients.

Our offer is great way to enhance the products you have available for your clients whilst building a more sustainable revenue model for your organisation.

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What do you get?

Our partners have access to our products and policy services for their clients to utilise under one of two easy models.


As a reseller you simply refer your clients to us for any of our products or services. You earn a reseller fee from each sale, calculated as a percentage of the sale value. All paid monthly into your bank account.


As a licensee you are able to sell our products and services to your clients under your branding. The client only interacts with your brand. You are simply charged our wholesale rates for the products and services you have used in any given month.

Products and Services Available

  • Policy Reviews

  • Policy Packs (e.g. Employment documentation, Safety documentation and checklists)

  • 360-Degree Feedback Reviews

  • Surveys

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What next?

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a reseller or licensee, then fill out the form and we will get in touch to talk you through the process.

Alternatively, please contact us on info@dlpa.com.au or 1300 766 339.

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