Recent legislative changes have come into effect which is changing the way that companies deal with Domestic and Family Violence 


Individuals who are victims of domestic and family violence are now entitled to up to five days of unpaid leave each year to deal with the impact. This is part of the new legislation that came into effect in August 2018 and covers full-time, part-time and  casual workers.

This means that not only will your leave policies need to be updated, but your managers will need to be equipped to be able to deal with such leave requests from their team members. This includes

  • Knowing how to support the person who has brought up this highly sensitive and personal topic

  • How to know what to ask and how to proceed to be able to grant the leave  (some companies may require some sort of evidence like police documents)

  • How to maintain confidentiality

  • What constitutes 'dealing with domestic and family violence'

  • How to manage their own state when presented with confronting information

DLPA offers half-day and one-day workshops which address these challenges. We are also available for consultation on how to update your policies  and procedures so that you can be sure that you are providing your employees with the right level of support. Or you might choose to purchase one of our policies direct from our website.

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