Process Redesign

Watch your business’ performance soar as a result of unleashing the untapped productivity potential in your business through process redesign.

In partnership with DLPA’s senior principals, redesigning your processes builds the foundation for the development of sustainable competitive advantage into the future. Looking at each business model from an experienced and innovative perspective, DLPA believes it can make substantial impact on each of its clients.

Redesigning your processes can encompass the complete range of critical processes, from manufacturing and production, to sales and customer service, through to HR and performance processes. Equally we can focus on a specific area, process or department within your business, and find the best way to leverage available resources and knowledge for a streamlined business, increased efficiency and reduced cost.

Through a detailed planning, assessment and implementation process DLPA supports and equips clients to confidently embrace their new processes.

DLPA utilise the existing teams knowledge and experience to work collaboratively with the business to formulate meaningful processes that will actually work in the live environment, and factor in the real challenges of the business.

DLPA utilises the overall strategy of the business to ensure that the new processes are strategically aligned and deliver outcomes that support the strategy. Whether you’re looking for cost reduction, higher productivity, higher output, more engaged staff or delighted customers process redesign can deliver your strategy!

What to expect from a DLPA Process Redesign

  • Trusted and experienced consultants to partner with you through the redesign process
  • Active and insightful collaborative discussion
  • Consistent and open communications with the DLPA principals
  • Outcome focussed analysis of your business environment

Key outcomes from DLPA’s Process Redesign

  • A foundation for sustainable future performance
  • A blueprint for departmental processes, tailored to the needs of each client
  • Fully documented and transferable processes
  • Highly efficient processes that reduce waste and minimise cost
Unleash the full potential of your business through redesigning your processes, and realise greater levels of business success! 

White Papers

DLPA Succeeding as a Feminine Leader White Paper

Succeeding as a Feminine Leader

Ladies, make the most of your diversity! Remove barriers to high performance in your organisation and optimise your unique potential as a female leader.  
DLPA Team Conflict White Paper

Managing Conflict

Not all conflict has to be destructive. Minimise conflict’s harmful effects by finding a productive balance between diversity in opinions and detrimental team conflict!
DLPA Aligning Values White Paper

Aligning Your Values with Your Work

How much is the misalignment of individual and organisational values costing your organisation? Learn how to use value alignment a limitless resource for improving team performance.


DLPA runs events and workshops throughout the year for the development of your career and business goals. Please watch this space for more information about upcoming events!

Press Releases


DLPA can prepare your SME to compete in a saturated market, by arming your employees with the appropriate skills to maximise performance and achieve effective business outcomes.

As an SME, we recognise the importance of a healthy team culture to your business’ bottom-line goals. DLPA’s programs can help you make the most out of your team by developing a strong, high-performing, and goal-oriented culture.

Female Leaders

DLPA’s modules, specifically the Feminine Leader module, work to empower women to actively participate and succeed in an environment that is traditionally dominated by men. The programs acknowledge and take advantage of the key strengths of the feminine leadership style, and focus on developing the leadership skills of women in the workforce. Through an understanding perspective on the challenges faced by career-minded women, DLPA holds workshops that equip them with necessary skills to stand out from the crowd.

Empowering women to manage the challenges of work and life balance, DLPA’s modules can be tailored specifically to the female professionals in your organisation. DLPA also provides open invite programs for individuals looking for further development opportunities in a diverse group environment.


Much like other corporates, institutions and bodies in the government sector have a potential weakness in their quality of their succession plans. DLPA’s insightful modules are focused on building on the skill bases of emerging leaders, securing the future performance of the government body.

By unlocking the performance potential of each department, DLPA supports positive outcomes for not only government bodies but for the communities they serve. With clear insight into the needs and pressures of the government sector, DLPA provides value for money within each tailored module, meeting the needs and expectations of each client.

In response to large change agendas that fluctuate in line with political timelines, DLPA provides assistance in gaining employee buy-in and support of strategic actions in line with each body’s larger plans. Government bodies often do not have a dedicated strategy implementation manager, so DLPA provide the tools and guidance to execute and monitor the implementation of a unified approach.


With the Not-For-Profit sector currently undergoing significant changes, NFPs are finding themselves taking responsibility for action once taken by government bodies. In response to this shift in responsibilities, NFPs need to be equipped to perform at a higher level than required before. NFPs face the challenge of competing in saturated markets; therefore, DLPA aims to work alongside them to empower people as the key drivers of performance.

DLPA works to prepare NFPs for the challenges that arise from increased corporate responsibility. DLPA provides solutions that ensure people are coordinated in the most effective way, achieving the best results possible for their stakeholders and broader community.


With an in-depth focus on developing customer service capabilities, DLPA aims to empower middle managers in the educational setting to develop the capabilities and confidence to step into roles that are more senior. DLPA provides educational leaders and institutes with the tools and guidance to implement system that drive the performance of the service, whilst maintaining accountability and an outcome-based perspective of the community.

DLPA’s leadership development modules are structured to equip leaders working across all levels of schooling with the support and structure to continuously grow into dynamic leadership responsibilities.


From their many years in the construction sector, the DLPA team is well equipped with an intricate understanding of the challenges and strategic drivers of companies in that space. We recognise the unique challenges that your business faces, and can provide tailored solutions to allow your teams to achieve their goals in each of their projects.

Our experience allows us to recognise the priorities and bottom-line goals of construction companies. DLPA’s in-depth knowledge of the risks, timelines and job requirements of this sector enable us to provide a well-rounded insight to establish best practice.