We were in the US for a little while, and we spoke to some wonderful people from all walks of life. One of the things that we  noted, is that a whole lot of workers are undervalued and not being treated well in the United States of America.

Pinching Pennies - The Cost of Undervaluing Your Employees

We work with a lot of construction companies in Australia. This is a highly regulated and unionized industry, however quite separate to that pressure the vast majority of employers in this space genuinely want to appropriately compensate their workers for their contribution to the business outcomes. And almost all, do this handsomely.

In the US we have spoken to so many people who report what we would call theft by employers. Employers not disclosing and not passing on tips to staff paid on credit card, benefits not paid, loading withheld with employees being told that they would be sacked if they questioned it. However, what has been most disheartening is that the workers hold no grudge against the employers for this. They genuinely believe all employers engage in this practice, and that you have to tolerate it if you want to put food on the table for your family.

We couldn’t hear these stories and not write something about it. We will consider meaningful action over the coming months’, however in the interim let this short blog suffice.

Employers – everywhere not just the US – you have a duty of care to your staff. You hold in your hands the responsibility of their livelihoods. That is not to say you have to tolerate poor performance, dishonesty or any other form of bad behavior. However, to steal from your employees is beyond disdainful. It erodes the relationship of good faith across all business, and erodes who we are as people and as a society. No one is asking for handouts or extras, just fair compensation for a fair days work.

And to employees everywhere, you are entitled to fair compensation for the work you do. Theft is not OK, and the perception that everyone does it also does not validate the action. If you work hard, act with integrity and do the best by the business that employs you, there are businesses out there that will support you and reward you for you loyalty. The US, and many other markets, are obviously not in a position where there is a lot of choice in this matter at the moment. However, rest assured the economic cycle will come around again and a level of balance shall be restored. And you have every right to claim what is yours.

Our philosophy is simple. People should be paid exactly what they were promised if they deliver the job they were employed to do. There should fundamentally be a relationship of trust and good faith between employers and employees. They should be aligned and batting for the same team. Adversarial relationships result in a decline in profitability and productivity, which incidentally results in a decline in job stability. And we end up imploding, which serves no one.

We encourage everyone on both sides of employment relationships to do everything they can to ensure that equity, good faith and fairness are present in all relationships, and at the end of it all a fair days’ wages is paid for a fair days work.
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