Recognising people as key profit drivers, DLPA’s experienced team works alongside corporate leaders to unlock the potential of each person and drive strategic business objectives. Leveraging, building and refining the unique skills of each leader, DLPA assists organisations in creating high-performing and fulfilling work environments.



DLPA takes a holistic approach to business consultancy, recognising the key barriers of each industry and realising the untapped potential of each employee in the team environment. DLPA’s bespoke programs responds to each client’s needs and prepares each leadership team with the skills to exceed business strategy objectives.



DLPA creates inspiring and productive workshop environments in which each participant can learn and build new skills. From the 1-day Leadership Compass to the 12-month Dynamic Leadership Development Program, DLPA aligns team values and builds on each team's skill base, creating change momentum for positive and productive workplace cultures.


  • Lenore Miller

    Lenore Miller

    In her role as principal of Dynamic Leadership Programs Australia (DLPA), Lenore is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and assisting organisations to fully leverage the power of their people.
  • Karlie Cremin

    Karlie Cremin

    As a principal of DLPA, Karlie incorporates her extensive academic background and breadth of industry experience to provide unique solutions tailored to any business environment. Karlie has worked as a professional consultant for 15 years.


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